Divergent tactics for creative practice

Innovative workshops to encourage    engagement, flexibility and creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”    Maya Angelou


In this workshop participants will engage in a range of fun, challenging, and creative activities in order to encourage engagement, flexibility and receptiveness. These tactics allow for personal exploration in a safe setting, ultimately leading to a more creative outlook.

Divergency is when we come up with many possible solutions to a problem. We are best at doing this when we are receptive, creative and thinking laterally. This workshop will enhance these states. By being more divergent in our outlook we are able to harness a fuller sense of our creative potential. When we are more creative we are more engaged and satisfied with life. Creativity raises awareness, self esteem and productivity.

The benefits of creativity are only just now being understood.This workshop allows participants to get a taste of the multifarious ways that we are able to be creative and will act as a spark for future exploration of the unlimited realm of human creative enterprise.


How it works


Workshop Options

The workshops focus on four major approaches to creativity:

- Design

- Empathy

- Story

- Play

Each approach highlights a different path to creative expression

There are two group workshop configurations available

2 x 3 hour sessions.

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I come to you. I work seasonally across three bases: Europe, the United States and Australia.

TWO day workshop

Two full days of 2 x 3 hour sessions.

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ONE day workshop


Design is by practice innovation. When we design we are thinking in smart ways about the most efficient method to develop an idea. It often requires lateral thinking and testing counter-intuitive solutions. We need to consider the problem in different ways so that we may develop new approaches and hopefully come up with non-obvious solutions. In this workshop we will engage in a range of activities that will enhance divergent approaches to design solutions.


Stories are integral to human understanding. When we can effectively tell and decipher meaning in stories, it is evidence that we are more at ease with the language and communication that are at the core of each interaction. In the story tasks we will explore experimental ways to relay and assemble information, allowing us to gain appreciation for the way we each construct meaning through the subjective lens.


Empathy is a creative act. We activate the same area of our brain when we are creative as when we are thinking empathetically. When we are empathetic we are more connected with others and the world around us. It makes us more present and aware, and thus assists us to become more creative. The empathy activities will encourage connection, understanding and presence among the participants.


Play is freedom from the constrictions of rational thought. Play gives us permission to be free thinkers, to act without over-analyzing, to engage without consequences, so in many ways it is a fantasy state that is beyond the reach of many. 

However with certain exercises we can reawaken that part of the brain that is free from social constraint and explore the world of possibilities beyond the borders that society imposes on it.


Contact me

Please contact me for further information about the workshop and to request a quote. I will adapt the workshop to fulfill your particular needs and in order to create a most rewarding experience for the participants

I work seasonally throughout Europe, in the United States and Australia. 

Tel: +33 6 95 99 24 58 / Email: jasmine.avril@gmail.com

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